Dual Design

I have worked with Pam at Hale Acupuncture for a number of years now and always enjoy developing the calming themes associated with her acupuncture practice.  This current site is a recent redevelopment using muted tones and a modern minimalistic design.

We have also incorporated her Sports Acupuncture business with a single page site on a subdomain of her original site - a good way of expanding your business without the expense of a whole seperate site.

Take a look for yourself at www.hale-acupuncture.co.uk and www.threepointsacupuncture.co.uk

I have also helped Pam to get started on social media, starting her Facebook page and linking it with Twitter for her.  After a short training session, Pam was soon up and running and she is now fully in control of her own social media marketing.


For more information about how we can help your business, to get a quote or just to chat through some ideas...This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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